North America
In addition to headquarters located in St. Louis, Missouri,
AB MAURI® North America has three production facilities in the United States (Wilsonville, Oregon; Memphis, Tennessee; and Greenville, Texas), two in Canada (LaSalle, Quebec; and Calgary, Alberta) and one in Mexico (Veracruz).

ABMNA sells yeast under the Fleischmann’s® Yeast brand name.  Additionally, a signature line of quality bakery ingredients – including dough conditioners, mold inhibitors, leaveners, vinegars, malts, syrups, acidulants and more – are sold under the AB MAURI® Bakery Ingredients brand name.

When bakers choose from ABMNA’s complete product portfolio, they experience a strong commitment to an ongoing working relationship — beyond the product purchase. ABMNA thoroughly assesses  ingredient and process needs for both industrial and artisan bakeries and provides robust industry experience and proven critical thinking to help set customer baked goods apart in the marketplace.

AB MAURI North America has access to a global network of baking knowledge unmatched around the world. This expertise covers the functionality and proper application of yeast and bakery ingredients, technical understanding of processing equipment, and beyond.

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