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Affordable and clean energy

Sustainable Development Goals
By respecting our environment, we are contributing to the following UN SDGs:

Sustainable Development Goals

We are working to increase our use of renewable energy.
In our Veracruz manufacturing plant in Mexico, for instance, more than half of the fossil fuels (natural gas and LPG) used to operate the boilers have been replaced by the biogas generated at the on-site waste water plant.


In line with best practice reporting as an example of our rigour, Associated British Foods reports its emissions against the latest
GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, using data from all businesses within the reporting boundary. This allows us to analyse the in-scope emissions from the activities we directly control, as well as out-of-scope emissions from the use
of renewable fuels. We also publish our annual performance through CDP’s climate change report available at www.cdp.net.


Recognising that energy generation is our primary source of GHG emissions, all our businesses are working hard to improve energy efficiency on a continuous basis, as well as via investment projects. In addition, the cost and price volatility of the energy we use means that rigorous energy management is a key operational focus across the group. Each of our businesses can tailor their overall approach, which involves improving energy efficiency and generating their own renewable power, to suit their specific circumstances.


Besides reducing operational energy demands, we have also been exploring how we can better use renewable energy. We also use on-site anaerobic digesters (AD) to generate biogas from our own waste streams. We also purchase electricity generated using wind and solar power.


AB Mauri has appointed a new Global Energy Champion, based at the Veracruz manufacturing plant in Mexico, one of its largest plants. The appointment of Rodrigo Azara (see photo) reinforces the company’s focus on energy reduction and efficiency, with a remit to coordinate activities across plants, and share and implement best practices.

The management team at Veracruz is leading by example, as results to date have shown:

Additional projects over the next few years will seek to further reduce energy consumption across AB Mauri.

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