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Clean Water and Sanitation

Sustainable Development Goals
By respecting our environment, we are contributing to the following UN SDGs:

Sustainable Development Goals

We are working to increase our use of renewable energy.
As well as managing water withdrawals at our facilities, treating waste water and reusing more water in our operations, we support community programmes to increase the water efficiency of our suppliers.


From fields to factories, water is essential for our operations. It’s also a vital resource that we share with the communities where we operate. Simply put, without a safe and secure supply of water, society – and therefore business – cannot thrive.

Our businesses invest in initiatives to reduce water abstraction per tonne of product and increase their ability to reuse water for cleaning or cooling equipment, or for irrigation water before returning it to the environment.

We use tools such as the WWF Water Risk Filter Tool to assess our manufacturing sites against criteria such as water scarcity at a watershed level, water quality, legislative risks and reputational risks.

We return as much water as we can to natural watercourses by treating our waste water on-site or by using municipal treatment plants, meeting local quality standards and regulations.

Other Sustainable Development Goals
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