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Responsible consumption and production

Sustainable Development Goals
By respecting our environment, we are contributing to the following UN SDGs:

Sustainable Development Goals

We are working to increase our use of renewable energy.
We seek to use natural resources more sustainably, generate less waste, improve our packaging to minimise food waste and help agricultural suppliers to use fewer chemicals.


Our businesses invest in responsible water use, and resource-efficient and effective waste management. All our businesses are working to use resources more efficiently. As well as helping to limit our environmental impact, this has tangible advantages as we seek to turn the outputs from our production processes into valuable co-products.


Focusing on the environmental and commercial benefits for our businesses, our priorities are to use only the raw materials we need and make them go as far as possible, through efficient operations.

We look at positive ways to use the waste we do create, through reuse and recycling or by creating
co-products such as energy, soil or animal feed.

We also consider other alternative uses for waste, such as composting it to make soil improvers. Where appropriate, we also donate surplus products that can be used for human consumption to food banks to avoid food waste.

Other Sustainable Development Goals
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