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Improving energy efficiency in Mexico

Energy & climate impact
Published 2021

The AB Mauri site at Veracruz, Mexico has been operating since 2013 and the team there has been looking for ways to continuously improve energy efficiency through increased use of the best technology. During 2021 Veracruz completed three projects that improve energy and operating efficiency.

Better boiler efficiency: Veracruz has installed better controls and automation on the water feeding system and oxygen regulation so they can operate continuously at optimum performance levels. Together these projects have helped Veracruz achieve an 11% reduction in natural gas consumption.

Solar parking bays: the parking bays at Veracruz are now sheltered by 205 solar panels. Together, these generate half of all the energy required in their offices and to power external lights.

LED lighting: Veracruz has replaced 90 lamps in its large packaging area with an LED system. Products are packaged 24 hours a day, so lighting is essential. The new system has reduced the energy used in this area by 44%.

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