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ResponsibilityOur Supply Chain & Communities

Our businesses depend on people and communities in which we operate.

Acting responsibly means investing in our people and these communities, keeping them safe and helping them thrive over the long term.


Sustainable Development Goals


SDG 8 - Decent work and economic growth      

Product ready for shipment, AB Mauri’s plant in Bandirma, Türkiye

Ethical Supply chain

Sourcing ethically is important to us, and we share the position of our parent company Associated British Foods plc (ABF) against all forms of modern slavery as expressed in the ABF Modern Slavery Statement.

We manage ethical risks in our supply chain through our Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes standards requiring our suppliers to avoid child labour, provide a safe, fair and corruption-free working environment, and comply with all local laws and regulation. We use desk-based screening at an increasing number of our businesses to identify product categories and origins deemed to be at high risk of human rights issues and supplier self-assessment questionnaires to further assess policies and working practices of higher risk suppliers.

Links to the ABF Modern Slavery Statement and Code of Conduct are provided below.

Download Supplier Code of Conduct
Download ABF Modern Slavery Statement
Our Communities

We wanted to be welcomed wherever in the world we operate and we strive to be a Good Neighbour.

Since 2016 we have been rolling out Good Neighbour programme to increase engagement with local stakeholders and to organise our involvement with the wider communities neighbouring our sites as well as drive employee engagement. Our businesses are encouraged to engage with their communities in whichever way makes most sense locally, and many have chosen to focus on food, inclusion and education.

The annual AB Mauri Community Award was created in 2021 to reward the best initiatives from across our network.  The motto for this award is “Stronger communities, stronger business” which reflects our belief that these initiatives are not simply charity – they help build stronger, more resilient businesses.

Training vulnerable people in bakery skills, Chile

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