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Improving renewable energy use and efficiency in the UK

Energy & climate impact
Published 2021

AB Mauri have completed an important upgrade at the Hull site that will help cut their carbon footprint by enabling the more efficient use of renewable energy.

For some time the site has used biogas produced in an anaerobic digester, by treating organic residues from yeast fermentation. Now they are making better use of this renewable energy by replacing an old combined heat and power engine (CHP) with a new, more electrically efficient and reliable one. In addition, the site has updated its biogas flaring controls to make more gas available for the new engine, coupled with improved controls of the gas cleaning process.

The result is even more renewable energy from the biogas produced on-site, helping to reduce the carbon footprint and control energy costs. Compared to the old engine’s performance two years ago, the new engine is delivering impressive improvements. The Hull site aims to increase the renewable energy generated onsite from waste to 25% or more of total energy use, compared with 15% at present.

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