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Promoting scientific education in the Netherlands

People & communities
Published 2021

AB Mauri is one of many businesses that rely on a pipeline of talented people with qualifications in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) subjects. To promote an interest in STEM subjects and promote education and training opportunities connected to them, AB Mauri GBI in the Netherlands is running a number of successful initiatives.

Together with Wageningen University it is offering technical training opportunities to students through assignments and internships. Since 2019 it has also run a ‘Girls’ Day’ to give girls and young women a flavour of jobs in the bakery sector and promote STEM subjects. The next Girls’ Day is scheduled for April 2022.

AB Mauri’s new Global Technology Centre in the Netherlands will serve as an international hub for research and development in bakery solutions and technology. The business also wants to share its outstanding resources, including laboratories, bakery, pilot plant, lecture halls and classrooms for the benefit of local communities. They are collaborating with partners from the education sector to ensure schools and academies can use their resources and that students will benefit from a range of bakery-related education programmes.

Looking ahead, AB Mauri GBI believes all three of these initiatives will help to raise awareness of its industry as an exciting career choice.

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