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H&S critical risks

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Published 2022

AB Mauri safety inspector

To safeguard the safety, health and wellbeing of employees, contractors and visitors to its sites, AB Mauri has implemented a critical risk strategy. Its vision is to create a safety environment that sustains zero injuries and zero work-related ill-health.

The business audits and analyses relevant data covering incidents, injuries and near misses and uses this information to identify its most critical risks – those most likely to result in significant harm.

It has appointed champions for each critical risk from across the business, and these individuals have developed appropriate safety toolkits and training for global implementation, drawing on additional safety expertise at Group level when needed. The overall message shared is to ‘Target zero incidents’ as a driver for improvements. 

Toolkits are customised for each critical risk and support self-assessment and the development of effective preventative actions in line with best practice. Safety performance is reported and benchmarked, with reports provided and presented to the organisation’s global leadership team every month.

This year, AB Mauri reported another year of strong health and safety performance, with a Lost Time Incident rate (LTI) across all sites for employees and contractors at just 0.1%. This is a 30% decrease in the LTI rate compared with 2018. Digging deeper into this performance, 18 AB Mauri sites have completed five years without a single LTI and a further nine have not had an LTI for three years.

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