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Community Award winners 2023 – providing urgent earthquake assistance to affected communities in Turkey

Supply Chain & Communities
Published 2024

In response to the devastating earthquake in Türkiye in February 2023, Mauri Maya and its employees initiated a humanitarian effort to aid survivors and support affected communities.

The company quickly mobilized to collect essential supplies like food, clothing, and hygiene items and launched a fundraising campaign to gather more support.  Trucks loaded with these crucial supplies were soon on the move to the hardest-hit regions of southern and central Türkiye, including Malatya, Diyarbakır, and Gaziantep, where communities were grappling with the aftermath. The site continued sending support over subsequent weeks, including additional trucks with essential supplies like fruits, vegetables, and household items.

Mauri Maya also worked to ensure local bakeries and dealers they partnered with in the area had the resources they needed to continue serving their communities, providing essentials like water and yeast, which facilitated the production and distribution of free bread to communities.  Extended payment terms were also granted to impacted businesses, easing financial burdens and supporting business continuity.

Through these comprehensive efforts, Mauri Maya as a business and as a team not only extended support to those directly affected by the earthquake but also demonstrated a strong sense of social responsibility and solidarity with the impacted communities and partners.

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