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China & North Asia

The China and North Asia region represents bakery markets which are at very different stages in their market evolution and maturity. Levels of bread and cake consumption range from less than a kilo per person per year up to the high levels typical of consumption seen in European or North American markets. Consumer awareness, experience and expectations of products are also very varied but AB Mauri companies are able to adapt to the different requirements of the market whilst ensuring the products sold are the best fit for each country.

The regional headquarters for AB Mauri China and North Asia is in Shanghai, China. Key brands in the region include Mauripan, Meishan, Mauri, Yanshan and Pinnacle for bakers yeast; Masterline and Goldenking for margarine & fats; Maurimix for bakery ingredients.

This region has seen dramatic increases in demand for bakery products especially in the demanding Chinese market. AB Mauri is well placed as a key provider of yeast, margarine & fats and bakery ingredients to support bakery growth throughout the region.

China & North Asia

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