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Panesse bread receives international quality certification

Published 1st Jul 2018

Panesse is a brand of high quality bread created by AB Mauri Brasil in two formats – as chilled dough and frozen parbaked. It enables independent bakeries in Brasil to offer a wider choice of products more conveniently and easily. A sales pilot has started in São Paulo, Brasil with the goal of delivering a superior and tasty product. The quality of the ingredients and the fermentation lasting over 40 hours results in a bread with an aerated crumb and a thin crunchy crust.

As part of the Panesse brand marketing strategy, it was registered to be evaluated by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi), based in Brussels. The Institute is the world's leading organisation dedicated to certifying the taste of food and drink products and has the collaboration of a jury of more than 250 specialists selected from the 15 most prestigious European culinary associations.

The parbaked frozen product was tested by several gastronomy specialists and received a high rating. In blind testing, Panesse won the top score of three stars with its Whole Grain version and two stars for both the Traditional and Grains.

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