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Hispano America

AB Mauri is present throughout the Spanish-speaking countries of South America. There are manufacturing sites in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Chile as well as sales offices in Venezuela. AB Mauri Hispanoamerica has its headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

AB Mauri focuses on providing a unique value proposition to each segment of the market: in stores, international industries, semi industrial industries, innovative and traditional craft bakeries and big food services. It supplies technology, products, innovative elaborations, services, marketing and research advisory. We developed distribution systems both directly and through an extensive network of distributors based on customer’s needs. All the developments are defined based on consumers new trends and needs, so they can benefit from AB Mauri technology through the most updated technology.

The best known AB Mauri brands in the region include Calsa, Fleischmann, Collico, Terry, MasaPlus and Mauripan.

We have a wide range of products, from ingredients to ended elaborations customised by segments of clients.

The product range includes:

  • yeast
  • margarines and fats
  • dough conditioners
  • bakery confectionery mixes
  • essences and colours
  • chocolates
  • creams
  • end products specially developed for in store and food service segments.

AB Mauri Hispanoamerica also has an Export Business, where a dedicated team services and supplies many countries throughout Latin America where we do not have local production facilities. AB Mauri Hispanoamerica is well situated to supply the baker from a complete range of ingredients to ended elaborations; and the development of suppliers which operate as third parties. 

Hispano America

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AB Mauri Chile participates in the market of ingredients for the bakery and pastry industry with a complete line of premixes, yeast and bakery ingredients.

Av. El Retiro Parque Los Maitenes 1356 (ENEA),

Tel: +56 22 840 76 00

Av. Balmaceda 3500,

Tel: +56 63 224 030


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