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ResponsibilityEnvironment & natural resources

Respecting the natural environment means understanding its limits and how our activities can have an impact.

We recognise that our businesses use natural resources, and create emissions and waste. We aim to be responsible stewards of the environment by minimising any negative impacts. Our approach towards the environment is governed by the AB Mauri Environment Policy.





Sustainable Development Goals


SDG 6 - Clean water and sanitation   SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production   SDG 15 - Life on land


Water is vital to our business. In our yeast plants it is the medium in which yeast cells live, grow, and reproduce. Throughout our operations we also use it to keep our equipment and facilities clean and efficient.

Being efficient with water use and returning it safely to the environment ensures we can continue to operate in our locations over the long term by improving water security and helping both communities and biodiversity in the areas where we work.

Here is a video of our Head of Manufacturing Oscar Touceda, discussing the importance of water to our business, and how we return water to the environment safely and sustainably.

Our water strategy, designed and implemented by our dedicated global water champion, focuses on sharing best practice in four "R"s:

Reduce water use where appropriate,

Reuse water directly where appropriate,

Recycle treated water back into our operations,

Return treated water safely to the environment to a standard that meets or exceeds local regulations.

Effective treatment can also create useful by-products – see Waste and Circularity section below

Since 2010 AB Mauri has invested over

$110 million

in water treatment CapEx , with over $30m more in the pipeline

Water Intensity

Showing the yearly % change in Water Intensity
Water intensity chart showing the yearly percentage change in Water intensity since 2019, in 2019 the water intensity dropped by -6%, in 2020 it had dropped to -10%, in 2021 it dropped to -13% and in 2022 it had dropped to -16%

At AB Mauri we are focussed on reducing our “water intensity” ratio, or the quantity of water used per tonne of final product (excluding by products), over time. We do this through continuously improving our operations and spreading best practice throughout the organisation. This allows us to reduces our impact on the local environment and local communities.

Waste and circularity

We are committed to reducing waste created as a result of our operations, through a comprehensive strategy focussed on elminate, reduce, re-use and re-cycle.

Eliminate   Wherever possible we eliminate waste by using only the raw materials we need and making them go as far as possible through efficient operations.

Reduce   Wherever possible we reduce waste by continuously improving the efficiency of our operations.

Reuse   Increasingly we re-purpose waste streams we previously considered as waste for new uses and markets.

Recycle   For the waste we cannot eliminate, re-use or repurpose, we recycle wherever possible to avoid sending materials to landfill or incineration. For example:

  • Biogas from our yeast wastewater treatment processes can be captured and recycled back into our operations, replacing natural gas as a source of heat of electricity generation.

    Visit our Energy & Climate Impact page for more information.
  • Vinasse, also a product of our yeast process, can be used to create fertiliser for agriculture and highly prized ruminant animal feed.
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