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The core principles by which AB Mauri operates are:

  • responsible stewardship of our environment;
  • being responsible for our people;
  • being a responsible neighbour; and
  • responsible for promoting good health.

We recognise that our businesses use natural resources, and create emissions and waste. We aim to be responsible stewards of the environment by minimising any negative impacts. As a minimum, we will know and comply with current applicable legislation of the countries in which we operate. With this foundation in place, our operations continuously consider and implement activities, voluntary commitments and internationally recognised management systems to reduce our environmental risks and improve our environmental performance.

Our approach to environmental stewardship includes:

  • Managing our emissions to air, releases to water and landfill of solid wastes so that we do not pollute;
  • Developing and implementing environmental assessments and documented mitigation plans for significant plant and process changes with regards to potential adverse environmental effects;
  • Promoting the efficient use of natural resources, especially energy and water, in our operations and supply chain;
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Minimising the generation of raw material waste and reducing, reusing or recycling solid waste where practicable;
  • Minimising the amount of packaging used for our products while meeting requirements for food safety and product protection;
  • Efficiently transporting products to minimise fuel usage, consistent with customers’ demands, production arrangements and vehicle fleet operations;
  • Seeking to avoid environmental incidents and using effective emergency response procedures to minimise the impact of any incidents which do occur;
  • Monitoring, auditing and reporting our environmental performance, particularly in energy and water consumption, waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions, to support continual improvements and be transparent in our performance;
  • Collaborating and sharing good practice across the group;
  • Being a responsible neighbour and engaging with the local community and other stakeholder groups to reduce any adverse environmental impacts.

The environmental performance of our businesses is reported regularly and reviewed by the board.

Our environment management system is reviewed and updated regularly to meet our environmental objectives.

The responsibility for achieving compliance with this policy is devolved to the chief executive or managing director of each of our businesses. Each business has nominated a director with specific responsibility for environmental matters.

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