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Our commitment to brands, technology and infrastructure in Europe remains continuous and active.

Through our brand promise “We Know Baking!” we know at AB Mauri that in each country, the local idea of the ‘perfect’ bread, cake or other bakery products varies.

From our operating companies throughout Europe we supply Yeast & Bakery Ingredients from our BI & Yeast factories, through dedicated Country business teams covering all product ranges and serving the many and varied bakery applications. 

AB Mauri supplies yeast and a full range of bakery ingredients such as improvers, mixes (cake & bread pre-mixes), preservatives and many more to the traditional bakery sector as well as the fast growing mechanised bakery sector including bakery chains, in-store bakeries and Quick Serve restaurants.


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Spain & Portugal

AB Mauri Spain is the national leader within the yeast and bakery ingredients market (improvers, bread and sweet mixes). Based in the incomparably beautiful city of Cordoba, AB Mauri Spain has produced yeast since 1952 and baking ingredients since 2012.

Today the company still manufactures its flagship yeast brand Cinta Roja with more than 86 years of experience in the Spanish market, and it remains one of the leading brands in its category.

The Cordoba plant manufactures compressed, cream and crumbled yeast as well as a full range of bakery ingredients such as improvers, mixes, cake & bread pre-mixes and preservatives serving the traditional bakery sector as well as the fast growing mechanised bakery sector including bakery chains and in-store bakeries.

The business is completely focused on quality and consistency.

In order to provide the best and quickest response and service to the various market segments we also have offices in Madrid and Barcelona.

Our portfolio of brands allows AB Mauri Spain to provide highly competitive yeast and bakery ingredients offerings to the premium and value for money segments, especially since the recent integration of the Gb Plange brand, top bread improver and bread mix reference in our market.

AB Mauri Portugal is the national leader for the Yeast and Bakery Ingredients market, with a wide offering of bread and pastry products. AB Mauri Portugal has a long and recognized market history within the yeast market, reinforced recently by the acquisition of one of the most well known brands for bakery ingredients, Gb Plange. 

Our outstanding customer dedication, Portuguese market experience and technical know-how, enables us to provide the best offering and service to our customers in the Craft, Industrial or In-Store Bakery segments. 

Working with AB Mauri Portugal is a synonym of dealing with a dedicated experienced team, covering wide product ranges and with experience of a variety of product applications.

AB Mauri Portugal supplies yeast and a full range of bakery ingredients, such as bread improvers, bread & pastry mixes, preservatives, fillings and toppings and many other tailor made products, developed to optimize our industrial and ISB customer needs.

AB Mauri Food SA,
Levadura 5,
14710 Cordoba,

Tel: +34 902 090 048

AB Mauri Portugal SA,
Avenida Salvador Allende, 99,
2770-157 Paço de Arcos

Tel: +351 808 913 765

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